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With its bold and flamboyant colouring, Teakwood Sandstone is one of our distinct ranges of external paving, and can make a real statement. It can neither be polished nor broken. On all six sides, it is smoothly sewn to offer an absolutely crisp and clean feeling while still remaining strong and non-slip underfoot.
Due to its texture that resembles the texture of wood, Teakwood Sawn Sandstone attracts the attention of almost all. In addition to being smooth on the surface and benefiting greatly against poolside slides, it is also a perfect choice for use around swimming pools for its non-slip surface benefits.

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teakwood sandstone exporters from india
teakwood sandstone suppliers in india

Avaible Teak Wood Sand Stone Produts

Tiles: 30X30, 60X30, 60X60 & 60X90 CM with Thickness: 2, 3, 5, 6 CM
Slabs: 120-190 CM X 90 X 60 CM Thickness: 2, 3, 5, 6 CM
Palisades: 10-12 X 12-25 X 30-25 CM
Wall Clading: 100 X 25 - 45 X 5 CM
Step Blocks: 75 - 200 X 35 X 15 CM